Shuswap Camp, located on the West Bay of Lake Nipissing, similar to many camps in the area had previously been an old logging camp and sawmill. In 1939 Mr. & Mrs. Green purchased the property converting the bunk houses into cabins as well as building additional slab sided cabins. This was the beginning of Shuswap as a tourist camp.

Enter Janet & Oscar Dambremonts on 1949. This enterprising couple proceeded to construct a roadway off highway 64 to the camp providing easier access for travelers, many of the original cabins were rebuilt and new cabins added until fifteen were complete.

In 1952 a newer, larger lodge was erected allowing more customers for the dine-in experience. Janet and her son Ross continued running the camp until 1980 when it was sold to Joe Massender. Once again the camp went through a facelift period. At this point in time, the lodge dining room was open not only to the camp guests, but also the general public, as it remains to this day.

Ownership turned hands in 1989 to the present owners, Heinz & Gerda Loewenberg and Fred Pichler. Since then the camp has undergone numerous and tremendous changes to provide Shuswap guests a relaxing and carefree holiday.


Heinz & Gerda Loewenberg


Shuswap on the Nipissing
349 Shuswap Road
Monetville, ON
P0M 2K0




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